LHMF – Supporting Women and Children Affected by Violence

LHMF is a registered charity, with a mandate to provide financial aid to survivors of domestic violence in the Ottawa area who are transitioning out of shelters and beyond. The community we serve includes a focus on children and youth, ethno-cultural minority women, and non-status / refugee / immigrant women.

LHMF is a lean charity, with dedicated application of funds directly to the women and children it serves. It prides itself on no associated overhead costs. The work is carried out by the Board of Directors, a dedicated team of seven volunteers that believes in the value of incremental change. The Board applies a trauma- and violence-informed, culturally safe approach to empowering survivors of domestic violence.


Our Founding Mothers

The Board of Directors are forever grateful to our namesake, Lyallen Hayes, and the four women who founded the charity in her name: Erin Lee, Lee-Anne Lee, Sarah Palmer, and Kay Rawson. Our founding mothers have blazed a trail as leaders in the Violence Against Women space, and we strive to carry on to their legacy!


About Us

Meet the board

Jesse Auguste

board member

Jesse joined the board in 2017, after supporting LHMF events and learning about the cause. He sees value in the support LHMF provides, and is so dedicated to its work that he offers his support to the Board remotely!

Michael Ben-Shalom

Michael is the newest member to join the Board, in 2018. He is passionate about fostering awareness and dialogue that empowers survivors and is excited to share his ideas and energy with LHMF.

Marcy Galipeau

Marcy has been involved with the Board since 2010, and currently serves as the Chair of Directors. She is inspired by the work of LHMF and hopes to bring additional awareness to the cause.

Catherine Holden

Catherine joined the LHMF Board in 2016, a decision that was easy for her after attending a fundraiser gala and hearing about the positive impact from LHMF on women and children who were previously supported. Catherine believes in giving back to her community, and is happy to be doing so through LHMF.

Rebeka Lee

Rebeka has served on the LHMF Board since 2018. Born and raised in Ottawa, Rebeka is an active volunteer in her community and has a particular passion for working with children and youth.

board member

board member

board member

board member

Our team